“Dancing Light,” Abstract Impressionist Photos – on display at Laura’s Coffee Corner, White Rock, August 2014

A series of 12 abstract expressionist photos is on display at Laura’c coffee Corner in White Rock for the month of August.

These photographs are about beauty, pattern and the natural world. Deliberate camera motion or “dance” is used to capture an impression of botanical subjects. In the same way that an impressionistic painter might interpret a scene, these photographs emphasize light, color, movement and pattern over a single view. In nature, patterns resolve given enough time or space. In these abstracted pictures, there is the potential for pattern to complete itself, just outside the frame, somewhere in the viewer’s imagination. The potential for this open ended perfection is much more compelling than a single fixed view. This potential is one definition of beauty.

The framed photos are signed on the back and on the front matt. Photo dimensions are: 20.3 cm × 30.5 cm (8 in × 12 in). The prints are priced at $110.

Scarlet Black (MFA) is a Surrey based Artist-Photographer. Her photographs have received awards at Surrey 2013, and Surrey 2014, at the Surrey Art Gallery. She maintains a garden photography blog for Darts Hill Garden (a non-profit botanical garden) in South Surrey.