Siberian Iris

I chose this recent black and white picture of a Siberian Iris to accompany an artist profile article for the upcoming edition of the Spotlight On the Arts magazine, published by the Surrey Arts Council.  Elizabeth Carefoot is the editor of the Surrey Art Gallery Association page.  Elizabeth is know for her artist profiles and articles on the arts. The folloiwing is my contribution to the September edition:

Scarlet Black


Luxury and desperation combine in my art.  Life upsets are much more universal than they are unique and art uses all of life (good and bad) in its making.  Art gave me a place to put my thoughts and efforts.

Early on, I choose to focus on beauty, flowers and the garden.  Most of my pictures are taken close to home in Surrey.  The overall theme I would like people to consider when looking at my pictures is the idea of a contemporary “Eden” or “Paradise Now”.    I am happy if people identify my pictures as local and pro-environmental.   I am also happy if people see beauty and sensuality in my pictures.

I like to imagine my pictures hung in the most beautiful rooms that open out into wonderful gardens.   I carry the idea of beauty with me all the time and use this to make my pictures.  Life is beautiful and the earth is our garden.

Scarlet Black will be participating in the Art in the City: Studio Tour 2015, Sept 26-27, 10am-4pm.

Siberian Iris, black and white photograph by Scarlet Black

Siberian Iris, black and white photograph by Scarlet Black