Girls in Blue

“Girls in Blue,” is part of a Photo Impressionist Series.  Photo Impressionist pictures draw inspiration from the tradition of Impressionist painters using photographic techniques.

It is possible to print “Girls in Blue,” in large or even very large format.  I am enjoying the fact that,  the maximum print size is constrained by the printer rather than the camera. Large prints measuring over four feet wide,  are suitable for locations such as public spaces and large feature walls.  Photo size, printing and framing can be customized.  Even though very large prints are possible with this photograph, prints do not have to be over-sized. This photograph can be sized to suit any space, large or small.

More examples of Photo Impressionism can be found here.

Contact me if you need more information about this photograph or if you would like to commission a Photo Impressionist picture.  (604 582 9419 or use my contact form).  I am happy to work with art collectors or interior designers.  I can to match any color, mood or subject using this Photo Impression style.