ConfiDance Performance and Photo Impressionsm

I shot a series if Photo Impressionism style pictures during a recent sold out performance of ConfiDance at the Surrey Art Center, Saturday, August 5th. The performance is can be described as contemporary dance fusion. Charismatic artistic director and choreographer Shiamak Davar, re-interprets many dance styles including popular contemporary dance. Other influences include: Bollywood, Ballet, Bhangra, African Dance, Tango, Traditional Punjabi dance, Las Vegas Style dance spectacle, Busby Berlkley, West Side Story, Hip Hop, and Jazz Dance.

A female dancer is shown above performing a dance in the style of  Micheal Jackson.  A gallery of Photo Impression pictures from this performance is included below:

 A collection of ” ConfiDance” performance pictures appears in the gallery below. While the goal of the pictures above is to capture motion blue and movement, the objective of the pictures below is to freeze the moment.