Fine Art Prints

Any of the photos appearing on this web site can be purchased as photographic prints.  I am happy to work with interior decorators in order to match artwork to decor. I am available for commission work and Inquiries about prints and print sizes are welcome.  Visit my contact page if you would like more information.

When it comes to choosing the right photograph for an art collection or interior decoration, I can work with mood, color or subject matter to come up with a customized solution.  I have included some examples of photographic prints that have recently been shown in galleries in Surrey and Vancouver:

The  facemount photographic print of “Hellebore Trio,” 2014, (62.2 cm x 76.2 cm) 24.5 in x 30 in, will be shown at my Studio Tour, during Surrey’s Art in the City event Sept 26-27, 2015.

Hellebore Trio Facemount Photographic Print, Edition 1/10, $750

Scarlet Black, Truth and Beauty Series, “Hellebore Trio”

My work has be exhibited at Visual Space and the Surrey Art Gallery. I specialize in garden and nature photography and work simultaneously on several photographic series.  I produce both color and black and white prints (two different ways of seeing).  Abstract photography is another body of work.  Samples of these photographic series are included below:

Dunsmuir Dahlia

Scarlet Black, Floral Forms Series, “Dunsmuir Dahlia”

Impressionist Series:

Scarlet Black, Dancing Light Series: “Pastel Grass”