Scarf Dancer, Fusion Festival, Surrey 2016

“Scarf Dancer,”  is part of a Photo Impressionism dance series. The series focuses on dance and dancers that live and perform in Surrey, BC. Color, energy, beauty and movement are expressed in these softly focused images.

Photographs in this series are part of a project linked to the upcoming Creative Cities Summit in Surrey, BC this October.   The theme of the summit is “The Future Lives Here: Bridging Cultures and Building Communities.”  The Fusion Festival was a wonderful opportunity to capture the diversity, energy and many cultures that make up Surrey.  A collection of Fusion Festival event photographs can be viewed here (link to Fusion Festival photos).

other examples of photo impressionism are included below:

Purple Dress

Purple Dress, Photo Impressionism, Fusion Festival, Surrey, BC

Soft focus and motion blur give a painterly effect that amplifies the festive mood of this South American dancer.

Pink Dancer, Photo Impressionism, Fusion Festival, Surrey, BC

Pink Dancer, Photo Impressionism, Fusion Festival, Surrey, BC

This young dancer at Surrey;s Fusion Festival merges with the floral background in this impressionistic photograph. The motion blur technique highlights the delicacy and beauty of the dancer’s movements.

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