ConfiDance Performance and Photo Impressionsm

I shot a series if photo Impressionism style pictures during a recent sold out performance of ConfiDance at the Surrey Art Center, Saturday, August 5th. The performance is can be described as contemporary dance fusion. Charismatic artistic director and choreographer Shiamak Davar, re-interprets many dance styles and including popular contemporary dance. Bollywood, African Dance, Tango, Bollywood, Ballet, Bhangra, Las Vegas, Busby Berlkley, West Side Story, Hip Hop, and Jazz Dance are just some of the influences that echo through this performance.

“Carry the Flag,” Impressionist Photograph

“Carry the Flag,” is one in a series of Impressionist Photographs taken at the Vancouver Chinese New Year parade in 2014 and 2015. These photographs capture the spirit, movement, color and energy of the event in a way that can be more “truthful,” than conventional photography. “Chinese Parade,” another photograph from this series is currently on display at the Visual Space Gallery, RED Show that runs March 8 -22, 2015.

“Pastel Grass,” Abstract Impressionist Photography

“Pastel Grass,” is one of a set of twelve abstract botanical photographs. These photographs were on display at Laura;s Coffee Corner in White Rock during the months of August and September, 2014. The painterly qualities of this series of photos is best viewed when prints are reproduced at a larger scale (3 by 5 feet).