Explore, Ease the Pressure and Do The Work

Sometimes the thing that is needed is to ignore other photographers and find your own voice. Art is personal. Find your own voice.  This ends up being both easier and harder than you might imagine.  

Depending on my current area of interest, I may or may not be interested in the work of other photographers. Their answer or greatest work may not have anything to do with my subject or my way of working.

You may even find that other brilliant photographers undermine your confidence and distract rather than inspire you.  If this happens look at a different art medium for inspiration. This might be anything from film to painting, sculpture or ceramics. All art comes from the same place. The art medium doesn’t matter when you are exploring ideas.

I have often tried to translate Von Stroheim’s layered and visually rich composition for “Blue Angel” into my garden photography. This memorable movie continues to inspire my photography.  Beauty, visual layers and emotional complexity are timeless.

Marlene Dietrich and The Blue Angel

In the end, your work matters the most. Spend more time on your own work than you do looking at the work of others. Art is doing the work – whatever that takes.