Basic Post Production Work Flow

  1. RAW conversion – I re-balance the entire photo in Adobe Bridge. I assess the color balance and individual colors and edit color here (or in Photoshop).
  2. Save the image as a PSD (Photoshop file).
  3. Complete editing in Photoshop.
    Such as:
  • Remove distracting elements and re-crop if necessary
  • Flaws such as holes in leaves or misshapen blossoms are fixed
  • Dodge and burn using layer masks and levels or layer masks targeting highlights or shadows
  • Add mid-tone contrast
  • Assess color and contrast and adjust if needed
  • Apply high pass sharpening over the whole image or sharpen targeted areas (one or the other or in combination depending on the picture)
  • Save as PSD file
  • Resize and save “Save As” when saving for the web, Facebook or Instagram