Rhododendron Photo Book (2)

A Darts Hill, Artist in Residence sponsored project.

I am continuing to collect and edit photos for this project. The “beautiful garden” pictures are a little harder to get than the rhododendron flower close-ups. I have gone through photos from previous years and I will see if I can shoot a new version and try to add some new locations. I will choose the best pictures when compiling the photos for this book.

Path to the pond with Rhododendron ‘Thor’ at the center.

Rhododendron ‘Thor’ has funnel-shaped flowers held in trusses of about 7 flowers.  The large rounded sepal or calyx at the base of the flower, reminds me of Thor’s hammer.  The leaves are long and dark and thickly hairy below.  Of course they would be – this is Thor’s rhododendron after all. 

This photo was originally taken as a panorama.  There was so much color and bloom along this path and no way to back up far enough to take it all in.  I find that a panorama sometimes works to capture more when there is a tight fit in the garden.  The upside, this picture can be printed very large as well as standard sizes.  However, when it comes to print size, the context or placement is the most important deciding factor. 

Path to the pond – panorama version.

I have added the panorama version of “Thor’s Pathway,:” above. If I were to print this as a large scale, I would do a final edit at 300% to make sure that the all the wonderful detail would carry through = both standing back from the picture and also up close.