Rhododendron Photo Book

I am compiling and shooting some new rhododendron pictures in preparation for an Artist Residency at Darts Hill. For this project, I will be turning a series of rhododendron pictures into a photo book.  Every year is a little different in the garden and there are constant changes in the light and weather.  I am always trying for the ‘perfect’ rhododendron picture but garden photography is an open ended quest where you do your best with the light and garden as you find it.  I do, however, hedge my bets and use morning light for wider garden shots.   I also make use of cloudy days when photographing flowers.  

The book will have a selection of “beautiful garden,” pictures like the ones shown below. The book will also include photos of individual species and varieties of rhododendrons. There are over 1800 rhododendrons at Darts Hill Garden. About half of these rhododendrons have been formally identified. I have a team of dedicated gardeners and experts that have agreed to help me ensure correct labelling and identification of the rhododendron pictures.

Please to contact me if you would like to keep track of this project and release of the photo book. I will be posting regularly on this blog as the photo project unfolds this Spring.