Upcoming Photographic Projects:

Darts Hill Rhododendron Collection: Photographic Project. As photos are obtained, they will be posted in a Flickr album.   The final collection will be stored where it can best be accessed by Darts Hill. 

Flower Portraiture Workshop, April 26, 2020 CANCELLED.  I will be posting course notes, lessons and examples in my blog.  In these uncertain times, garden and flower photography is a great source of beauty, calm and mindful activity. 

Art Shows:

  • SAGA Gift Shop and Art Sales, 2017-20
  • “Crossroads” 4X4 Art Collective Landmark Pop-Uptown Gallery White Rock BC September 2018 Watercolour Portraits and Portrait Drawings
  • Arts 2016, “Flying Orchid,” Surrey Art Gallery Summer Exhibition
  • Arts 2015, “Red Petal,”honourable mention, Surrey Art Gallery Summer Exhibition
  • Paradise Now,” Art in the City, Studio Tour, Sept 26-27, 2015
  • Solitudes,” Newton Cultural Centre, Surrey, BC, March 2015
  • Master Artists In the Library, White Rock Library, June 2015
  • Arts at Darts, June 20th, 2015
  • Surrey Art Gallery, “Floral Forms,” and “Truth and Beauty,” solo show, Sept 2014- Apr 2015
  • Visual Space Gallery, “RED,” Group Show, Dec. 2014
  • Surrey Art Gallery, Gift Shop and Art rental, 2014-2015
  • Central City Surrey Library, photography display, January 2014
  • Arts 2014, “Dunsmuir Dahlia,” placed second in the Photography and New Media category, Surrey Art Gallery
  • Speaker, Thursday Artist Talks, Surrey Art Gallery 2014
  • Arts 2013, the composite photo “Fish Dreaming of Distant Mountains,” placed third in the Photography and New Media category, Surrey Art Gallery
  • “Arts at Darts”, June 18, 2013, Darts Hill Garden Park, South Surrey

Photographic Projects:

  • YouTube Video, How to Photograph Artwork: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOAAmoZp_kg&t=10s
  • Garden Photography, Darts Hill Garden, ongoing social media contributions, 2019-20
  • Surrey Art Gallery Association, event photography, product photography, 2017-2020
  • Surrey Art Gallery, photography featured in program guides 2017-19
  • City of Surrey Parks Department, various park photography projects, 2017-19, photography appears on multiple City of Surrey park websites and publications
  • Contributed photographs for ‘A Secret Garden,’ Darts Hill Book Project, Author Margaret Caldwaladr, 2018
  • Corporate Buyer (Anonymous), “Pastel Grass,” and “After the Splash”, 2018 
  • “Paradise Now,” Public Art Program, Surrey BC, webpage February 2017
  • Parks and Recreation, Surrey, BC:  Large-scale tent banners, “Fall at Hawthorne Park,” 2017, “Holland Park Roses,” 2016
  • Photos for Tree Signage Project, Darts Hill, Completed 2016
  • Surrey Parks and Recreation, garden photographs for banners, 2016
  • Spirit Garden, South Surrey, photo commision “Four Seasons” 
  • Website Photography, Darts Hill Garden Park new website launched 2016
  • Darts Hill Garden Photography Blog, 2015-2016
  • Cast and Crew photography, FGSS Musical Theatre Company, photos for website and program (2 productions)
  • Product photography, Surrey Art Gallery Gift Shop, photos in SAG Program Guide and website, 2016-17
  • Stewart Farmhouse, historical interior and Christmas series, 2016, for web and print
  • Darts Hill Garden Tree signage project completed 2016
  • Garden Magazine Cover, “The Bulletin” July/August 2014
  • Speaker/Photo presentation, Thursday Artist Talks, 2013


Scarlet Black is an artist-photographer based in Surrey BC.  She is known for her garden and flower photography, event and fine art photos.

A few words about my photography:

I create photos to share with others who value strength, beauty and female empowerment. 

I love pictures that are beautiful, communicate clearly and are as simple as the subject allows.  I leave out the extra.  I am happy to shoot gardens, flowers, business locations and buildings (inside and out).  When it comes to events, I will shoot anything but weddings.

You can reach me by phone or  email.

C 604 358 5748


After completing an MFA degree, Jannette Maedel/Scarlet Black spent several years designing costumes and sets for local Vancouver theatres. From theatre, she moved into fashion and designed a swimwear line for three seasons. Upon returning full time to art, she took on the persona of Scarlet Black, and chose to concentrate on photography and painting as these areas offered more opportunity for creativity than applied design. She is an artist-photographer with the ability to leverage her considerable applied design experience into strong, contemporary photographic concepts and artworks.